Wee Care of Hartselle is quality childcare with experienced and trained staff. Wee Care begins each day with a Bible story, songs and thanking God for giving us a great day. What a great way for beginning your child’s day with the excitement of the truth of God’s Word for a positive start. 

Our Programs

6 wks-18 mths

We work with your baby’s schedule using an experienced staff that will love
and nurture your child to keep them on their schedule so that each day is a pleasant and peaceful experience for all.
Toddlers receive 2 snacks and lunch, regular naps and playtime
with songs and educational toys.

18-24 months

Our program for children 18-24 months will help your child transition into learning everyday life and communication skills by using eye contact and verbal instruction. We will teach them how to pickup their toys and communicate their needs with staff members.
Story time – We teach your child about the love of Jesus with songs and bible stories on their level.
Educational time – Learning shapes, letters, numbers, and communication skills.
Playtime – Supervised playtime teaches children independent playing and sharing without touching their friends.

 2-3 years

Children learn to properly sit, play, and listen to their teacher through verbal
instruction and eye contact, making sure they understand what is being taught.
Story time – Bible stories and songs with child participation are used, interspersed with questions, to insure the children understand what is being taught.
Education time – We use abeka (click to find out more) curriculum to teach children the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and sounds while they enjoy learning new things.
Playtime – The children learn how to play fun games with others as well as enjoying
independent play time.
Potty time – Assisting parents with potty training when you decide your child is

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.Our Information

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday 6 AM to 6 PM.

Wee Care of Hartselle Location:

1301 Bethel Road NE Hartselle, AL 35640-1687

Telephone & Fax:

Tel: 256.773.2154 
Fax: 256.773.4033



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