Small Groups

The Lord has truly blessed here at Bethel allowing us to have a place for everyone to get involved.
Children– Children are always welcome at Bethel. With nursery provided for newborn to 4 years old during each service, Sunday School classes for ages 3 and up, your children will have fun while learning about the Lord.
Teens– A godly, thriving youth department is vital to any church. They are the next generation who will soon be the leaders in our congregation. Training them to love hte Lord and serve Him is our main focus. However, there is plenty of time for fun during the monthly activity.
PrimeTimers– We love our senior saints. Where would our church be if it weren’t for these dear believers who’ve stood strong for the Lord all of these years? A monthly fellowship is held for those 55 and older.
Kindred Hearts– The Bible gives clear teaching about the church taking care of widows. In the Kindred Hearts, families take time to serve these widowed ladies.